this is my mother. she does everything with a sweet smile and infinite wisdom. I was honored when she asked me to take her morning portrait on Mother's Day.

shelli loves her wavy hair and green eyes. she loves a warm shower and a fresh face. she loves trying new things and is constantly re-defining beauty by pushing her comfort zone.

i am so proud to be her daughter.


I am blown away by the bravery of others. Especially the bravery of my mother.

watching your body change with age is a challenging thing, but she has done it with a grace and love. the secret is constantly searching for authenticity, vulnerability and honesty.

with age comes wisdom of a life well lived. shelli exemplifies this, constantly seeking to love herself well and others better.


my mother taught me that comparison is the thief of joy. so often we pick ourselves apart based on fake images of beautiful people. why do we fret over unrealistic beauty?

shelli reminded me yesterday morning that beauty is found in our naked faces and naked bodies. looking in the mirror and loving the person we see is the first step. after that, the rest follows.

Happy belated Mother's Day to this wonderful, dear woman. And to all my other Mamas out there, much love for the gifts you've given to me me and to others ♥️