meredith is a blue eyed gem with bomb hair and a love for cuddling. we chatted on this rainy thursday morning about family and coffee and her curls.

her hair is her statement. she’s dyed it every color under the sun and likes wearing it piled on top of her head. it is effortless and gorgeous. her natural brown is growing in, but we both admired the pretty auburn hue at the ends.

i still have some free morning next week, waco.


loving yourself means transcending trends. it means appreciating the timelessness of you.

meredith straightened the curls out of her hair in middle school. she thought they were something to be ashamed of. she saw that her hair was like her mother's and decided to let it be.

i have loved these quiet, meaningful mornings.


she loves the way her eyes always show her emotions. she cannot hide how she feels and she’s glad. it’s her superpower- a blessing and a curse.

they tell her whole story. coming from a family with all deep brown eyes, she is the blue-eyed older sister.

they’ve changed color as she’s gotten older, but they will always let you know when she’s in a serious mood.