she loves the power of her body, the muscles that move her and the bones that hold her together. her legs propel her froward, they’ve always gotten her where she’s needed to be.

she rests her hands, dainty, on her thighs. her legs are crossed. never have i seem a lovelier sight than a woman, vulnerable and brave, loving her natural self.

congrats to my grad, you're going to do great things in this world.


as women we must accept that being bare faced doesn't make us less feminine.

lainey loves being at camp because no-makeup is the norm. she wakes up, gets dressed and goes about her day. she never thinks about her naked face.

when she puts on makeup again she loves the way she looks, because she does it for herself. she feels the same with and without it. she looks at herself in the mirror, sees the woman she knows and loves, and thinks "hot damn". 


lainey and I have a soul-connection. something about her spirit feels old and familiar to me. she is one of the most beautiful people I know.

a positive self-image is more than seeing yourself and loving how you look. it is knowing yourself and loving the person that you are.

lainey and sat in her bed listening to Fiona Apple and discussed the link between mental health and self-image. it was a moment i wouldn't trade for the world.