emily turned 24 on saturday. we commemorated the day with her morning portrait.

she loves her long messy hair, it is accurate representation of how she feels most of the time. she strives for transparency, her love of her natural self a testament.

happy belated birthday, bb ♥️


this is beauty- choosing to be vulnerable despite bed head, random breakouts and unshaven legs.

she desires to be known and loved. she desires for others to see her, not for her body, but for her soul. our bodies are merely shells, housing who we really are.

she is so easy to talk to, she is intelligent and deep. she makes you feel like the most important person, sharing life over a morning mimosa. i love this girl.


we are all slowly making our way through life. being twenty-something feels like a mad dash. when did the years start flying by?

emily is ageless. she defines who she is and where she is. it's one of my favorite things about her.

this year I hope you make the most of every moment, no matter how mundane. I hope you ease into the next chapter, into who you're meant to be, into the best version of yourself. I hope you love every step of the way.