self-love is essential for self-expression. chris believes you cannot have one without the other.   he doesn't care what people think of his personal style.

in that way, it's all his. his confidence allows him to be the weird, hilarious, deep person he wants to be.

i asked him how he would describe his self-expression and he thought of the sound of chirping birds. I think that means something. birds remind me of joy, of the rising sun, and of the optimism of a new day. 


chris loves his unique smile. he is one-of-a-kind in that way. his smile tells a story that no one else can tell.

the first thing he notices about someone is their smile. let's celebrate the things that we love about ourselves, let's celebrate them in others.


there will be days when you wish you were a little taller, a little blonder, a little less or a little more. being content is the key. when you don't wish away the person you are, you're able to enjoy the place you're at.

chris is one of the most genuine people I've had the pleasure of meeting. we spent the morning enjoying the waco skyline and swapping stories. he embraces the things that make him unique and simply enjoys life.